• A DryMistat® Turns Any Well-Sealed Container into a Humidor

Can be used inside a cigar humidor, cigar box, mason jar, Tupperware® container, or even a Zip-Loc® bag. Imagine the possibilities.

Shaped like a Cigar to Fit Neatly in Humidor

Use as many as your humidification demands dictate. They can
be spaced evenly within the humidor, as many as you like. The
average for a normal humidor is 1 per 25 cigars. Using more or
less is discretionary based on the physical size of your humidor
as well as other external factors.

NOTE: Humidifiers that attach to the lid can become dislodged
and damage cigars. And oddly shaped containers such as jars
steal valuable space for your cigars.

  • Easy to Maintain Proper Humidity with a DryMistat®

Cigars are best stored at 68% to 72% RH (relative humidity).
We pre-charged each with special mix of PG solution specifically
designed for cigars. The solution acts as a two-way system, if the
RH is too low it will bring it up and will bring it down if it's too high!

  • Tells You When Relative Humidity is Running Low

As the water evaporates from the humidor the crystals inside the tube shrink. You can actually see when it’s time to add more water.
This normally occurs between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on the humidification demands you are placing on each
You cannot use too many as they won’t over-humidify, and using more of them will increase the time between ‘fill-ups’.

  • Safe and Will Not Leak

The polymer crystals and patented NO LEAK design prevent liquid from leaking out of the special plastic container keeping your cigars
safe from damage.
No odor, no mess and no fuss, it just works!

  • Warranteed  |  Includes 1 Year Guarantee

The DryMistat® is guaranteed to perform for 1 year or we will replace it. Our tube, and the crystals we use, have an indefinite life. The
pure USP Propylene Glycol (PG) we use has an extremely long life. Other factors such as small bits of tobacco or even household dust
may become trapped inside the unit and makes it look ‘discolored’. We therefore recommend replacing the unit on a yearly basis.

  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

We believe we must to control the quality of each DryMistat®. The only way to accomplish this is to monitor
every step of the manufacturing process in our family owned and operated USA based facility.

  • Patented Product  |  US Patent # 5,829,452

Our concepts for cigar humidification were so unique the US government saw fit to
issue us a patent. Although  others have seen fit to copy individual elements of our
product, no one has been able to put all of the elements into a single humidifier.
DryMistat® is the only product that does it all.