DryMistat in Iraq

As the desert heat increases, our DryMistat tubes are becoming more and more valuable. The heat in Iraq can be unbearable and ruins cigars easily. The tubes keep our makeshift humidors (grenade tubes and ammo cans) at just the right humidity. Excellent product!! Thanks, again !!

Paull N. Whelan | Staff Sergeant

About two months ago I ordered a nice 12-16 stick travel humidor. It was a very nice hand-rubbed cherry wood box, but it was sold without a humidification system. I asked about available systems from the order clerk, and she recommended your drymistat tube. I was a little skeptical about such a cheap and unconventional system, but I took her advice. When my order arrived, I became even more doubtful - it was too simple. Just add TAP water and throw it in? It had to be for people who didn't really care about their cigars. I don't want to take up half your day with my letter, so I'll conclude. I've ordered one for my 40 stick box and two for my 75 piece antique. I plan to leave the elegant hum. system in my antique, but only for show. Drymistat will be my only humidification system for now on.


Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great product. I discovered the DryMistat tucked away on my local tobaccanist's shelf, and asked about them. Didn't get much info out of the guy, but I read the information sheet and decided to give one a try.I have a beautiful wooden humidor which my father-in-law, a woodworker, built for me. While it looks nice, the humidification system as supplied wasn't working--I couldn't get the vapor level in the humidor to stabilize. I'd tried several tricks (wiping down the inside to get things going, carefully monitoring the amount of water in the glass vial, fiddling with the dial on the vial, etc.) but still had problems keeping the humidity level high enough.

After a week of having the DryMistat in my humidor, the humidity level rose to proper levels, and has been there ever since. For the past year and a half, I no longer have had to worry about too-dry or too-moist cigars. And I appreciate not having to babysit the humidor on a weekly basis.  I've since taken up the fun of spreading the word about this product; I always buy and keep on hand an extra DryMistat or two, and give them to friends that are new to the world of cigars. Inevitably, the reports that come back are things like "Wow!" I should probably become a distributor. Or, maybe I already am!

Regardless, I'm a satisfied customer and wanted to let you know.
Kind regards,

Jeff - St Louis

Just a quick note to say how I really like your product. It is perfect for a person like myself that is on a somewhat limited budget. Again thanks.

Al DeLeeuw

Ok, I admit it. I LOVE my Drymistats that are working so nicely in my 150 cigar desktop humidor. I 100% agree with you that this product is the humidification system of the next millennium. I wish I had found you first before all my dabbling with credos and credo knockoffs and ordering propy glycol from the pharmacy and all of that other nonsense. Now I have a challenge for you. Can you make your product in a format that can support a humidor that holds boxes of cigars. I am talking about your same product, but in a square, flat, modular format where you can add a unit or take away a unit as humidity needs change. I think 4" by 6" by 1.5" would be a great size to start with.

I am very familar with your "secret ingredient" as I have been buying them for the last few years as part of the various water retaining neckbands that are on the market. I acutally thought of buying several of these and cutting them open just to get the crystals so I could use them in my humidor. Now, I found your product there isn't any need to go through that exercise.

I hope you sell tons of your product and have the financial backing to expand your line. I will be the first in line to buy your products. I tell everyone that asks about humidifying elements about your product. I even post my opinions on the Cigar Aficionado bulletin boards. I would love to see your company succeed with this product.


Bruce Firth

I just purchased Drymistat yesterday - my humidor would only reach 62% RH - I put in Drymistat last night and this morning, 72%!! My question is, do you get a more even humidity dispersion if you place in the center of a row of cigars (surrounded on all sides, in middle row), or will it reach equilibrium with entire box no matter where you put it??? (My humidor holds, and has, about 50 cigars).

Three of my friends are going out today to buy one!


I'm a fountain pen fan. I put my nice pens and a DryMistat in a sealed, flip-top stainless steel kitchen storage container on my desk. My fountain pens are always ready to write: no more dried out points, ink sacs, or cartridges.
Great product.

Satisfied Customer

I'm a customer for life. I flipped open one of my sealed storage containers that has a Drymistat inside and pulled a pen out I hadn't used in months. It was an ultra-fine point Japanese fountain pen, the hardest ones to get writing again after any non-use. It wrote immediately and fluidly, something I can attribute only to the controlled humidity environment provided by the Drymistat. Again, a great product that pays for itself in no more dried out ink, ruined bladders, and clogged points.


Mark W. Fogg, Senior Technical Editor, Solar Turbines Incorporated - Mark Fogg