The DryMistat®  Is Easy To Use, Simply Follow these (5) Steps:

  • Prepare the DryMistat® for First Time Use

Step 1: Some water evaporation may have occurred while DryMistat® was sitting on the store shelf.
Step 2: Break perforated safety seal on caps. Remove solid cap from tube and discard it.
Step 3: Install the perforated Cap on the Tube.
Step 4: While holding the tube vertically, tap it on a hard surface to force the crystals downward. 
Step 5: If the
crystals are above the ‘Fill Line’ start using it right away.
(If below, follow Refilling instructions)

  • Refilling the DryMistat®

When the crystals fall below the “Fill Line’ (and are above the ‘Time to Add Water Line’), it’s time to add water. Remove the perforated cap. Stand vertically and add water to the “Fill Line”. Put the perforated cap back on the tube.  Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the Crystals to re-absorb the water and swell to fill the balance of the space in the tube.

Plain tap water won’t hurt this unit. You can also use distilled water. DryMistat® can use any water you feel comfortable enough to drink.

  •  Place DryMistat® tube(s) inside container next to cigar(s)

Position the DryMistat® near the middle of the humidor between two cigars. If your

humidor is large, or you filled it with lots of cigars, or you merely don’t want to be bothered

to fill DryMistat® as frequently; you can use more than one. Make sure you have spaced

them evenly throughout your humidor. Liquid will not leak onto your cigars regardless of

where they’re placed. Allow a few days to achieve a stable 68% to 72% relative humidity.

  • DryMistat® Tells You When to Add Water

DryMistat® releases water vapor when it’s needed and only when it’s needed. The crystals shrink as they give up water. That makes it easy to tell when it’s time to add water. Tap the tube on a table to settle the crystals to the bottom of the tube. When they go below the “Add” line simply fill with water to the “Fill” line.

NOTE: Typically this occurs between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on the humidification demands, (how many cigars, how large the humidor, the ambient environment, etc., etc). Please note; you do not have to wait until the crystals shrink a lot.  You can refill to the ‘fill line’ at any time.  Most people set up a regular schedule, for example every 3 weeks in the winter and 5 weeks in the summer, and fill their DryMistat® regardless of the crystal level.

  • Do Not Refill  With PG Solutions – This can ruin the balancing effectiveness of the DryMistat®

NOTE: Pure Propylene Glycol is the liquid that regulates the relative humidity when mixed with water in certain ratios. Initially a special solution of water and Propylene Glycol has been pre-charged into the DryMistat® which has been formulated to regulate 70% RH in cigars at 70°F. The regulating properties greatly depend on a very specific ratio of PG to water being maintained. Too much PG and humidity goes down. Too little PG and humidity goes up.

NOTE: Pure PG does not evaporate. It does break down however, but very slowly and over a long period of time. To compensate for this, when you see the humidity level inside the humidor start to rise, only refill DryMistat® to the middle of the logo (the patent number line that no one can read). After some more time, you might only need to fill to the bottom line. You may have to fill it more often, but it will still work.

NOTE: Adding additional PG 50/50 Solutions instead of just plain water will not ‘clog’ the unit. It will however increase the ratio of PG to water and thereby reduce the RH level in the humidor.

NOTE: Adding Regulating PG Solutions, the ones that do not say they’re 50/50, are like buying bottles of plain water with a very small amount of actual pure PG. They’re better than PG 50/50 because they are mostly water, but you shouldn’t add these every time you refill, or again you may increase the ratio of PG to water and decrease the RH in your humidor.